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What our patients are saying:

Because of this visit I did not have to miss work or time with my family.

Being able to contact a physician directly made me feel more at ease about my situation.

The doctor was great. He was very quick to respond and had my prescription ordered within 15 minutes of our conversation and I was able to start the meds an hour later.

I am really grateful for this benefit. I strained a muscle in the late evening and didn't feel comfortable going to an urgent care facility for what I believed was a minor, but challenging issue. My eMD Provider was timely and offered really helpful advice for addressing my problem. I am doing better and will hopefully recover fully over time. Thank you for offering this opportunity to employees.

I did not have to request any time off and was able to stay at work. I was able to skip the waiting room and prescription wait time that it'd usually take. Overall the service was great!

It gave me peace of mind to know that what I had was normal, and nothing to worry about.

I had to catch a plane on Saturday and would have needed to go to the After Hours office at 10am in the morning if I hadn't been able to access our MD on Friday night.

I received logical advice and positive reinforcement, very necessary.

I was able to get a reliable, trusted consultation quickly. I was also able to ask follow up questions the next day as my situation progressed. When a prescription was necessary, it was sent right away.

I was able to get medical advice without having to physically go and see a doctor. It was great!

I was able to get the care I needed without having to schedule an appointment, leave work for the appointment, pay a co-pay, and be away from work for an extended period of time.

I was able to have my prescription filled that same day and start the medication. Overall, this was a very pleasant experience. The doctor was thorough and very kind. I would highly recommend this service and find it to be a very convenient alternative to scheduling an appointment and taking time off work.

I was able to see a doctor who prescribed medicine. She is going to refer me to a specialist to get to the bottom of my problem. The doctor I spoke to via chat was very professional and thorough. I really like this service.

I was given good advice to try and encouraged to follow up if needed. It was quick, but not rushed, to the point and thorough. Plus I'm confident in my good experience that I’ll be comfortable using it for my family – spouse & children!